Freitag, 14. November 2008


The first INTERNATIONAL EUROLTA conference took place in Munich 10 October 2008, hosted by bvv, the Bavarian adult education association.

This first INTERNATIONAL conference was attended by delegates from Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Austria.

At the meeting Gareth Hughes was nominated as EUROLTA Co-ordinator for the ICC International Language Network.

The conference offered a good opportunity for the exchange of ideas and networking.

New EUROLTA Centres planned.
Universidad La Concordia and the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen have applied to become a new EUROLTA Centres.
Centre accreditation procedures will require an audit, which means a visit to the institution, interviews, course visit, trainee’s portfolios. The next steps will be negotiated and organised by the ICC Head Office and its new Co-ordinator.

First steps for improvements for EUROLTA dissemination have already been taken on board:
1. ICC has provided a new website domain for EUROLTA which will have to be developed over the next three months. The new website should provide information about each institution/organisation offering EUROLTA with a link to their website and courses offered. The information will include :
- how to become a centre
- practical samples
- testimonials
- EUROLTA event calendar

2. A blog will be provided for the EUROLTA Trainee Community.

3. The EUROLTA Teacher Training Framework will be revised.

4. Promotional Material like brochures and flyers will be developed with space for local adjustments.

EUROLTA Trainer Training in Chorley 2009
Accredited Centres need qualified EUROLTA Teachers.
It is envisaged to offer Teacher Training courses to qualify trainers to run EUROLTA Teacher Training in their home countries.
The trainings will take place in Chorley ( August 2009).
There will be two courses offered, a EUROLTA Teacher Trainer Course and a Train the Trainer Course.

Next EUROLTA meetings:
International Group: Florence 29 March 2009
National Group Bavaria: Nurenberg, 10 October 2009


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